Baker DC20 Dial Vernier Caliper 200mm

  • DC20

Baker Digital Vernier Caliper 200mm DC20


Attractive shape and elegant design complimented by uncompromising performance

Latest ‘Swiss inductive measuring system’

Accuracy and construction conforms to requirements specified by DIN 862

9.6 mm tall, high contrast Liquid Crystal Display significantly

Augments visibility, and minimizes user fatigue

Absolute and comparative measuring modes

Measuring ranges – 200 mm

Easy and quick operation (user friendly)

Battery changeover is fast, easy and reliable

All three varieties of digital calliper are capable of external, internal, step and depth measurement

Supplied with certificate of calibration

Technical Specifications

Measuring range – 200 mm/8"

Reading – 0.01 mm/0.0005"

Max error – as per DIN 862

Repeatability – 0.01 mm/0.0005"

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