3M 1271 Re-usable ear plugs with storage case

3M™ 1271 REUSABLE CORDED EAR PLUG with Clip Case


This ear plug is lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-use for workers in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Recommended for moderate noise (up to 95 dBA TWA)

This reusable, multi-flange designed ear plug fits securely in the ear canal and helps provide reliable protection.

The bright orange color provides high visibility to allow employers to identify employees wearing their ear plugs.

Soft cloth cord helps prevent loss of ear plugs. Can be washed and reused many times.

Recommended for moderate noise (up to 95 dBA TWA).

One-size fits most ear canals comfortably and provides a high level of attenuation.

For occasions when the convenience and permanence of a premoulded ear plug is more suitable for your requirements.

The unique one size 3M™ 1271 ear plugs fit most ear canals comfortably.

Available with reusable storage case


No rolling, no sizing - just push in for a comfortable fit

Curved triple flange design inserts easily

Patented curved flange design gently hugs the ear canal to provide an effective seal against noise.

Triple flanges are soft and flexible, and insert easily for a gentle seal every time

Washable & Reusable plugs don't need to be rolled or sized to get a comfortable, protective fit

Soft, hypoallergenic polymer is washable and reusable

Patented, premolded, triple-flange design inserts easily.

Hypoallergenic polymer is washable and reusable.


Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)*: 24dB

Approval: EN Approved, Conforms to EN 352 STANDARDS

Contents: 1 pair of 3M 1270 Ear plugs + 1 pc of clip case

Working Environment Dirty/dusty environment up to 95 dBA TWA

Colour: Orange

Make: 3M

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